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Intelligent UPS uninterruptible power supply solution for banking, finance and securities industry
In recent years, the product scheme of Kehua data has continued to maintain a leading position in the traditional advantageous markets of the branches and sub branches of the four major state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, urban commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives, postal savings bank, insurance and securities. It has also made good achievements in the financial computer room occupied by foreign manufacturers for a long time, and spared no effort to protect the safety of financial information and financial equipment.
Kehua data has established 9 technical service centers, more than 50 directly affiliated service outlets, and more than 300 technical engineers to form a professional service team. The new 3A service has changed from the traditional emergency maintenance to the maintenance and active service mode focusing on prevention. Kehua data's "manufacturer level" active service has won such awards as "user satisfaction scheme / Brand Award", "excellent brand award of China high performance data center", "best service commitment fulfillment Award" and "ups service satisfaction Gold Award".
Customer value:
As a leader in financial information security and equipment protection solutions, Kehua data has the most complete self-developed and self branded high-end power product solution system in the industry. In the financial fields such as the informatization and intelligence of financial computer rooms and branch outlets, it is equipped with a full range of high-end power products such as customized power supply, including battery, distribution cabinet, voltage stabilizing cabinet, harmonic device, lightning protection device, monitoring software, etc. In addition, Kehua data also provides whole business process services such as "Hui" series data center and the overall solution of cloud power energy-saving green data center.
We can provide solutions:
Head office level solution
Large data center solutions
Parallel dual bus power supply scheme
Branch level solution
Midsize data center solutions
Single machine dual bus power supply scheme
Parallel power supply scheme
Sub branch level solution
Solution of multi cabinet micro computer room
Network / community bank solution small power single machine power supply scheme
Small power single machine power supply scheme:
"Smart series" modular data center solution
"Huirong" modular data center solution
"Huineng" modular data center solution
"Huiyun" modular data center solution
Integrated monitoring and intelligent management solution
Scope of application:
Large data centers and head offices below 4000 square meters on a single floor
Medium sized data center below 500 square meters
Government, smart community, insurance, securities banking, enterprise, education, medical treatment, office building, enterprise computer room, bank, IDC data computer room.