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Shenzhen huamaier Technology Co., Ltd. www.huamaier.cn mainly supplies the development, production and operation of high-tech products such as 12V 6V 2V lead-acid battery, maintenance free battery, solar battery, colloid maintenance free battery, UPS, precision air conditioning, computer room monitoring equipment and so on. Acting wholesale and retail lead-acid maintenance free battery, solar battery, colloid maintenance free battery, power forklift, sightseeing car, tricycle, patrol car, sweeping car, golf cart, power battery, iron lithium battery, UPS, etc. Huamier specializes in providing backup 500VA to 200KVA high-power parallel machine series, high-frequency UPS power supply, power frequency UPS power supply, module UPS power supply, power ups, power inverter, communication UPS, etc. The products are widely used in government, finance, communication, education, transportation, radio and television, industry and commerce, taxation, medical and health care, energy and power, manufacturing and other industries. Provide customers with perfect power and electrical solutions. Our Shenzhen huamaier technology business brand scope: maintenance free lead-acid battery brands: Lishi, Nippon, Shuangdeng, Panasonic and Hengli; UPS brands: Kehua, huamaier, kestar, Huawei, Sante and easyt. In 2016, kostar authorized huameier's general agent to open the national dealer sales and product customization demand, which is our main sales model. In 2020, Guangzhou Naipu power supply Co., Ltd. hereby grants huameier as the agent dealer and the promotion and business of various battery products. In 2020, Jiangsu Lishi Battery Co., Ltd. awarded Shenzhen huamaier Technology Co., Ltd. as the agent dealer of "leoch" brand battery. Attracting local dealers to cooperate and join hands is the foundation of common development. Our business purpose is: product technology is the core, honest management is the foundation, quality is the first element of survival, service is the guarantee, and customer satisfaction is the consideration. Huameier company has established a standardized, efficient, reliable and stable operation system with timely response, high quality and safety. At the same time, we will continue to update the technology, integrate the latest technology in the field of international UPS power supply, provide users with newer, more applicable, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving power products, and provide more correct, more effective, more comprehensive and more reasonable power solutions. Through continuous efforts, the product user group of huameier company has spread all over the country. Tens of millions of users are relying on the UPS power supply provided by huameier to provide a safe and reliable power environment for their equipment. Protect customers' important load equipment from power quality supply problems, affecting equipment production and operation, and even economic losses caused by power supply problems. Become a high-quality service provider of uninterruptible power supply products for customers in major industries. Shenzhen huamaier Technology Co., Ltd. has strong strength, pays attention to credit, abides by contracts, ensures product quality, and has won the trust of our customers with the principle of multi variety management characteristics and small profits and quick sales.