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Leoch battery

Leoch brand "Leoch", as a famous brand of Leoch international at home and abroad, is committed to providing people with reliable and innovative power supply. Its business covers many related fields such as network energy, starting battery, power battery and so on. After years of development, the company has grown into a world-renowned battery manufacturer and exporter, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions around the world. MSB brand The extended meaning of Leoch "MSB" brand is "major senior battery professional high-performance battery", covering two business fields: automobile battery and power battery. Leoch MSB automobile battery is the main sales brand of Leoch international in China. With cutting-edge production equipment and perfect production system and quality management system, product performance is reliably guaranteed. MSB power battery is positioned as a high-performance long-lasting power battery. In technology, it adopts shaped silicon technology, and the product quality is far better than that of its peers at home and abroad. In the performance of many road tests, MSB battery can run 5-10km longer than ordinary battery. Raytheon brand "Raytheon" brand is a full range of medium and high-end products created by Leoch international in combination with the characteristics of the Chinese market. It has Raytheon automobile battery and Raytheon power battery. Raytheon automotive battery adopts unique formula and advanced process flow to improve the adaptability of the battery in different climates. After several rounds of high-strength experiments and peer big data analysis, excellent experimental results have been obtained.

Huamaier solar colloidal cell

NEP focuses on the research, development, production and sales of traditional power products and new energy products, including valve regulated lead-acid batteries (UPS batteries, solar batteries, colloidal batteries, electric vehicle batteries, etc.), lithium batteries, solar panels, etc. We have seven large independent production bases, including Guangzhou Naipu power supply Co., Ltd., Chenzhou Naipu power supply Co., Ltd., Henan Puxin power supply Co., Ltd., Guangdong punada new energy Co., Ltd., Vietnam Naipu power supply Co., Ltd., Chenzhou yuannengda new energy Co., Ltd. and Chenzhou punada new energy Co., Ltd,

Kehua UPS uninterruptible power supply

The smart power business of Kehua UPS power data focuses on high-end power supply. The power range of UPS products covers 0.5kva-1200kva, including nuclear power supply, industrial power supply, power supply, communication power supply, elevator power supply, Jingwei series, storage battery and options, which can be provided to users in finance, transportation, nuclear power, government, medical treatment, education, new energy, data center and other industries "End to end" and on-demand comprehensive solutions.