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Shenzhen huameier Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen huamaier Technology Co., Ltd. is an international manufacturer specializing in the development, production, operation and service of power supply, lead-acid battery and lithium battery products, it has won the unanimous recognition of the market by virtue of its reliable, stable, high-quality and safe power supply products and all-round efficient, high-quality and fast services. It mainly provides 12V 6V 2V lead-acid battery, maintenance free battery, solar battery, colloidal maintenance free battery, UPS uninterruptible power supply room monitoring equipment, etc. Wholesale and retail lead-acid maintenance free batteries, solar batteries, colloidal maintenance free batteries, power batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, UPS batteries, etc. The products are widely used in communication, computer room, power, railway, solar energy, UPS emergency lights, security alarm, gardening tools, automobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, forks, sweeper batteries, electric scooters, baby carriages, etc. Supply UPS 500VA to 200KVA high-power parallel series, high-frequency UPS, power frequency UPS, module UPS, high-power UPS, power inverter, communication UPS, etc. The products are widely used in government, finance, communication, education, transportation, radio and television, industry and commerce, taxation, medical and health care, scientific research institutes, energy and power, manufacturing and other industries. Provide customers with complete power and electrical solutions.

Our company distributes wholesale battery brands: Lishi lead-acid battery, Neptune solar colloidal battery, Huashen colloidal battery, Hengli battery, huameier lithium battery. UPS power brands: Huawei UPS power supply, kostar UPS power supply, Kehua UPS power supply, Santak UPS power supply, Sandton UPS power supply and easyst UPS power supply sell well in the consumer market and enjoy a high status among consumers. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents.

Our business purpose is: product technology is the core, honest operation is the foundation, quality is the first element of survival, service is the guarantee, and customer satisfaction is the consideration. Huameier company has established a standardized, efficient, reliable, stable, responsive, high-quality and safe operation system. At the same time, we will continue to update our technology, integrate the latest technology in the field of international UPS power supply, provide users with newer, more applicable, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving power products, and provide more correct, more effective, more comprehensive and more reasonable power supply solutions.

Through continuous efforts, huameier's product user groups have spread all over the country. Tens of millions of users are relying on the UPS power supply and battery provided by huameier to provide a safe and reliable power environment for their equipment. Protect customers' important load equipment from power quality supply problems, affecting equipment production and operation, and even causing economic losses due to power supply problems. Become a high-quality service provider of uninterruptible power supply and battery products for customers in various industries.

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