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Kehua industrial power UPS Uninterruptible power supply products and overall solutions
In the field of industrial power supply, Kehua data set has developed products and solutions of industrial power supply based on its own patented core technology, developed and launched industrial power supply fr-uk Ge series UPS, fr-uk31dl series UPS, kr33 series UPS, nuclear island E1 level UPS, marine UPS, emergency power EPS, industrial DC power supply dc-bank system and DC panel khgzdw series, Power solutions such as industrial energy management.
As an important part of Kehua data industrial solutions, the company's kangbida has 19 years of professional experience in system integration of integrated monitoring, automatic control and energy management, and independently developed a variety of industrial monitoring and management software, industrial grade intelligent network communication and intelligent instruments, which strengthened the company's ability in overall industrial solutions, We will continue to provide professional services for automation, informatization and intelligence of industrial customers and help them upgrade their industry 4.0.
We can provide solutions:
Safe factory solutions
Smart factory solutions
Green factory solutions
Transparent Factory solutions
Scope of application:
Electronics, petroleum and chemical industry, new materials, glass, food, automobile, pharmaceutical, non-ferrous metals and other industrial manufacturing industries.