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Leoch battery maintenance free lead-acid battery UPS DC panel 12V100AH valve controlled closed type

Leoch battery maintenance-free lead-acid battery DJM12100 Leoch battery 12v100ah
product features
1. Long life. 2. The self-discharge rate is extremely low. 3. Sufficient capacity. 4. Wide operating temperature range. 5. Good sealing performance. 6. Good conductivity. 7. Strong charging acceptance. 8. Safe and reliable explosion-proof exhaust system.
Product Type: Lead-acid battery
Product voltage: 12VUPS battery
Scope of application: supporting small and medium UPS
State of charge: maintenance-free battery
Product description: Leoch International Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing people with reliable and innovative power supply. Its solar batteries, automobile batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric vehicle batteries, and lithium batteries are used in telecommunications, UPS, energy storage, rail transit , power and other scenarios.


Main performance of LEOCH battery:
●Using a unique multi-alloy formula, using imported chip equipment and self-developed grid molds, and through strict temperature control, the grid not only has good thickness and weight uniformity, long floating charge life, and low self-discharge.

●Imported automatic computer-controlled lead powder machine is adopted to ensure the degree of oxidation of lead powder, uniformity and stability of particles with strict automatic control procedures, and at the same time, it is more suitable for the characteristics of high current discharge of batteries.

●Lead paste is the core of battery technology. The unique lead paste formula better meets various performance requirements such as high-power deep-cycle discharge, and is suitable for float charging and other fields. At the same time, the fully automatic paste mixing system and temperature control ensure the characteristics and stability of the lead paste.

●Using self-developed technology to transform the imported smear machine, so that the plates are more uniform and more suitable for the requirements of UPS battery plates.

●Using high temperature and high humidity curing technology, temperature and humidity automatic control technology, and through the perfect wind direction and flow design, the OTP battery not only guarantees the effect of plate curing to the maximum extent, but also ensures the uniformity of the plate at each point. The life is significantly improved compared to conventional curing.

●Using the quantitative acid addition process, the acid addition accuracy reaches 0.1ml, which fully guarantees the uniformity between each unit of the battery and between the batteries.

At the same time, the unique formulation of the electrolyte enhances the deep cycle capability of the battery. And because of the use of imported epoxy glue, end piece and 0-type map for assembly, the battery is more reliable.

●Multiple charge and discharge cycles that must be passed before leaving the factory make the OTP battery more uniform and reliable. At the same time, the internal resistance, open and closed circuit, and tightness detection further ensure the quality of the factory battery.

Leoch battery performance characteristics:
◆ Silicon gel made of fumed silica and various additives has a three-dimensional porous network structure, which can adsorb sulfuric acid in the gel. At the same time, the capillary cracks in the gel are established for the oxygen precipitated from the positive electrode to reach the negative electrode. A channel is formed to realize the establishment of the sealing reaction efficiency, so that the battery is completely sealed, there is no overflow of electrolyte and the precipitation of acid mist, and no pollution to the environment and equipment.

◆ The electrolyte of the gel battery is in a gel state, without flow or leakage, and can be placed vertically or horizontally.

◆ Grid structure: The design of the middle and bottom corners of the tabs is dislocated. The bottom of the 2V series positive plate is covered with a plastic protective film, which can improve the reliability of the battery in operation. The alloy is made of lead-calcium-tin aluminum alloy, and the negative plate has a high hydrogen evolution potential. . The positive plate alloy is a high-tin and low-calcium alloy. Its structure is fine and dense, and its corrosion resistance is good. The battery has the characteristics of long service life.

◆ The separator adopts imported corrugated PVC separator for colloidal battery, which has large porosity and low resistance.

◆ The battery compartment and cover are made of ABS material and sealed with epoxy resin to ensure no leakage.

◆ The pole is made of pure lead material, which has good corrosion resistance. The pole and the battery cover use a pressure ring structure, that is, the pressure ring and the sealing rubber ring to achieve mechanical sealing of the battery pole, and then use resin sealing agent to bond to ensure its reliable sealing. sex.

◆ All series of 2V and 12V batteries are equipped with a gas filter and explosion-proof disc device. The outside of the battery will not be detonated when encountering an open flame, and the evolved gas will be filtered to make it non-polluting to the environment.

◆ Gel battery electrolyte is gel electrolyte, without acid stratification phenomenon, so that each part of the plate reacts evenly, and enhances the reliability of large battery capacity and service life.

◆ Excessive electrolyte, the colloid is in sol state when injected, which can fill all the space in the battery. In the case of high temperature and overcharge, the battery is not easy to dry up, the battery has large heat capacity, good heat dissipation, and it is not easy to cause thermal runaway.

◆ The gel electrolyte of colloidal battery has a beneficial effect on the crystallization process of the positive electrode and negative electrode active material, so that the battery has a good deep discharge cycle ability, and the anti-sulfation resistance of the negative electrode is enhanced, so that the recovery ability of the battery after over-discharge is greatly improved.

◆ The battery can be used in a wide temperature range (-30℃~50℃), and the self-discharge electrode is low.

Leoch has now established five production bases in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Jiangsu and Anhui. Covering an area of ​​nearly 870,000 square meters in China, it has 63 battery production lines and corresponding testing equipment, as well as two specialized battery research and development centers in Zhaoqing and Jiangsu, which together constitute our company's advanced and strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities. At present, there are more than 10,000 employees in China, and more than 300 technical R&D personnel at home and abroad. They produce a full range of lead-acid batteries, including: agm VRLA batteries, GEL VRLA batteries, opzv, opzs, pzs, pzv, pzb tubular plate lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries for automobiles, lead-acid batteries for motorcycles, lead-acid batteries for golf carts, lead-acid batteries for electric mopeds, pure lead batteries and other products. Products are widely used in more than a dozen related industries such as communication, electric power, radio and television, railway, solar energy, ups, electric vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, golf carts, forklifts, emergency lights, security, alarm, gardening tools, baby carriages, etc. The combined capacity exceeds 7 million kVA.
The forward-looking R&D team and high-quality manufacturing level enable the company to have unique competitiveness and global influence. The company has established sales companies and warehouses in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It has more than 30 sales companies and offices at home and abroad, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

LEOCH battery lead-acid maintenance-free battery/LEOCH battery DJM series fixed valve-regulated sealed colloidal lead-acid battery
1. Standard:
LEOCH battery DJM series VRLA battery meets the following standards:

1. JIS C 8707-1992 Cathode absorption sealed fixed lead-acid battery standard

2. JB/T 8451-96 Machinery Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China

3. YD/T 799-2002 Communications Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China

4. DL/T 637-1997 Electricity Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China

2. Application scope of LEOCH battery:

⑴Telephone Exchange ⑺Office Automation System

⑵ electrical equipment, medical equipment and instrumentation ⑻ radio communication system

⑶ Computer uninterruptible power supply ⑼ Emergency lighting

⑷ Transmission and substation, switch control and emergency lighting ⑽ Portable electrical appliances and mining systems

⑸ Fire, safety and warning ⑾ Traffic and beacon signal lights

⑹ Car battery and marine starter


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