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Power Plant Power Solutions
● System introduction: DC screen system for electric power and UPS for electric power mainly provide DC power supply and AC uninterruptible power supply for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydropower and other types of power plants. Protect the safe operation of important control equipment such as the main workshop, relay room, and MIS system;
● System composition: The whole power security system is mainly composed of KHGZDW series DC panel, DL31 series uninterruptible power supply, bypass isolation stabilized power supply system and battery pack, which constitute an uninterrupted AC and DC power supply security system;
● Solution: configure the DC panel and battery pack system to provide redundant backup DC power supply for important automatic devices (relay protection) of the power plant; other important AC loads such as PC use a UPS system with fully isolated input, output and DC terminals. The UPS is connected to the DC screen battery pack, and the bypass configuration is isolated and regulated to provide a highly reliable power supply system for important AC loads.