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Product performance:
1. Excellent deep cycle performance and long service life
2. Unique grid design and lead paste formula improve the battery's charging acceptance
3. Special colloid valve design, wide operating temperature range, more safe and reliable
4. Low self-discharge and good energy storage performance
5. Advanced through-wall welding technology, low resistance
6. Using advanced heat sealing technology, the shell cover is well sealed without leakage danger
7. The high conductivity box is conducive to the high current discharge of the battery
8. Carbon protective cover and handle are convenient for battery transportation and handling


Product brand: Leoch VRLA lead-acid battery power battery valve-controlled closed lead acid EV colloidal battery
Item model number: 6-EVF-75AH/100AH
Short description: Leoch EVF series power batteries are maintenance-free VRLA batteries. The use of high-porosity ultra-fine glass fiber (AGM) separators increases oxygen recombination capacity and reduces water loss. The electrode plate is designed as a flat plate structure and the battery adopts valve-controlled sealing design, which is safe and reliable to use. The battery casing is made of impact-resistant PP material.
High capacity and high energy density
Low self-discharge, better capacity storage
The grid is made of lead-calcium alloy, and the water loss is small and maintenance-free
High-conductivity terminals for high-current discharge of batteries
valve control design, using
Grid design and lead paste formula to improve battery charge acceptance
Colloidal electrolyte is used to prevent electrolyte stratification during use


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