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Case of maintenance free battery DC panel of Leoch lead-acid battery
Q1: Introduction to DC Lux screen battery
1. DC screen battery and maintenance.
2. The DC power distribution panel and its application range are extremely wide. In other words, several important places such as power stations, hydropower stations, and substations have made full use of the DC power distribution panels.
3. In a word, this point is very obvious, not only can it be used as a signal for an accident in general, but it is not only a backup power supply in many places, in my opinion, it brings many conveniences to people and life.
4. For example, in the DC screen of the substation, three groups of batteries, chargers, rectifiers, and AC power supply, DC distribution voltage and a DC screen are formed.
5. The difference or voltage level is therefore directly related to the battery or the quantity.
6. The 110V DC voltage needs to be composed of 9 Carnival 12V batteries.
7. The 12v battery in the 18th Culture Festival is required to form a 220v DC voltage.
Q2: The role of DC screen battery
1. The lead-acid battery was invented or said by GRobertplante in 1859.
2. Since the invention of lead-acid batteries, due to the latter's low price, easy availability of materials, reliable performance, easy recycling and various characteristics suitable for high current discharge, the company has now become a world leader in energy production and wide use. It seems to me that the battery variety.
3. In my opinion, lead-acid batteries have been developed for more than two hundred years. The technology of China has also been widely used in automobiles, wireless communications, electric power, railways, electric vehicles, etc.
4. And classified by product or structure, it can be divided into open mechanical type, liquid-rich maintenance-free fixed type, glass wool baffle adsorption valve-controlled seal type B (AGM), valve-controlled colloid basic type (GEL), etc. Six categories of products.

Q3: DC screen battery voltage range
1. Kong Pengyu takes the power distribution room of the power supply room and the replacement of the DC screen battery as an example, and in my opinion, Zhong Bingchang's replacement and process are as follows: .
2. Tasks - DC screen battery replacement: .
3. Remove 2 sets of DC system batteries in the power distribution room and replace them with maintenance-free high-tech batteries.
4. The replacement work arrangement of the DC screen battery: .
5. Cut off the battery charging switch, and the ground charger directly supplies power to the national DC load.
6. The new battery is put into system operation, and everything runs normally.
7. Construction preparations for DC screen battery replacement: .
8. Before the start of construction, the technicians in the team will analyze the working environment and conditions on site according to their work tasks, and be familiar with the drawings and data.
9. The person in charge of the job clarifies the work items and determines the operators, but he organizes the operators to study the homework instructions.

Q4: DC screen battery
1. The company is committed to providing a better battery platform for the exhibition. In short, it is committed to providing users with cheap or original products, and is committed to reshaping the market order of batteries in our province for a long time. In my opinion, it is committed to impacting inferior quality and opportunistic Duplicate resources.
2. The battery business network and policy is to build a large platform in China. As a user, especially when purchasing batteries, the quality, price and determination are guaranteed in my opinion.
3. Maybe the company has been engaged in import and export trade for many years. During the import and export process, it has a very good understanding of the company's batteries. The company directly purchases from the manufacturer, and the price advantage is obvious.
4. The company is fully involved, industrial batteries, from the preferential price in my opinion, the service in my opinion, to break through the brand constraints, to provide you with comprehensive imported industrial battery products, and then provide Liu Lihua's industrial battery testing instruments and meters , and complete industrial battery testing.

Q5: What is the function of the battery in the DC panel?
1. After the DC screen battery is fully charged, a small current is used to send the battery to continue charging, which is called floating charging, not only trickle charging.
2. This small current is generally not set artificially, or when the voltage is set as the float voltage (for example, Alzonne 12V battery, etc., the float voltage should be within the range of 13.2V to 13.8V), the battery may not be When fully charged, the current that can be accepted is very small, and a floating current is automatically formed.
3. The floating state of the DC screen battery: .
4. Floating charging is a device that charges the battery with constant voltage (floating voltage value) in a constant voltage mode, so that the battery is in a state of full capacity.
5. When the system can no longer detect the battery current ≤ 0.02C, it will delay for 3 hours and transfer to floating charge.

Q6: Advantages and significance of DC Lux screen battery
1. It is made of good corrosion resistance and special lead-calcium alloy or pole plate, which can have a very short float life in my opinion.
2. Special colloidal electro-hydraulic is used to increase the acid content of the battery, prevent electro-hydraulic stratification, prevent the short circuit of the pole plate dendrites, and ensure a long service life of the battery.
3. The gel battery needs to realize the long life based on the valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery technology.
4. And the design life of 12V full series of gel batteries is 6 to 8 years (25°C).
5. The design life of colloidal batteries of 2V series products is 10-15 (25℃).
6. The use of suitable or positive and negative alloy formulations makes the battery more suitable for deep charge-discharge cycles in my opinion.