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Lithium battery application field installation case
Inheriting nuclear-grade DNA, Kehua S³ opens a new era of safe lithium batteries
 "Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" has become the common goal of all countries and industries around the world, and the wind of green energy saving is blowing into thousands of households. Taking advantage of the new infrastructure and the development of dual carbon, the lithium battery industry has developed geometrically at an astonishing speed. Small size and long life - Lithium battery has become the new favorite of electric energy and ushered in an explosive growth period.
Above the tuyere, lithium battery safety has been upgraded. The first-generation lithium battery simply connects the battery packs into clusters, and the second-generation lithium battery adds some intelligent battery management units on the basis of the first-generation lithium battery. However, a series of problems such as the high voltage of the DC bus and the battery insulation risk of the lithium battery system, the uneven discharge between clusters, and the inability to mix the echelon batteries cannot be completely solved, which puts a big question mark on the safe and stable application of the lithium battery.
Inheriting the concept of nuclear-level safety design, Kehua rises to the challenge. With more than 30 years of experience in the professional field, the application of lithium batteries is deeply electronic, and the third-generation lithium battery solution with high reliability and safety will be launched soon - Kehua S³ intelligent backup lithium battery system solutions (Safety-Li, Smart-Li, Simple-Li).
The S³ intelligent backup lithium battery system solution adopts a modular parallel design, which is safe, reliable, flexible and intelligent, and simple in operation and maintenance. In terms of safety factor, S³ has multiple functions such as double electrical and physical isolation, automatic exit of faulty modules, and early warning of battery insulation failure to ensure the safety and reliability of lithium batteries. Its modules self-adaptive and active current sharing; support the mixed use of echelon batteries and batteries of different brands; stage expansion and minute-level maintenance, solve many application problems of lithium batteries in one fell swoop, and can significantly reduce the operating cost of enterprises.
The third generation: S³ intelligent backup lithium battery system solution
Working together Modular parallel design
l Modular parallel design, only needs to be matched between the internal cells of a single module, which can overcome the limitation of "cluster", and the grouping is barrier-free.
l Modular parallel design, the module supports hot swap, online installation and maintenance, staged expansion, and can be automatically exited in case of failure.
modular parallel
Mutual tolerance, adaptive power output intelligent regulation
l The module adopts the adaptive power output intelligent control technology, which can realize the mixed use of new and old batteries at the PACK level and the cabinet level. The backup time is expanded in units of PACK, with finer granularity and more flexible configuration.
Mixing old and new for more flexibility
Online Array Insulation Inspection
l Online array type insulation detection, preventing problems before they occur, early warning of insulation failure caused by cell leakage and eliminating the risk of short circuit, accurately locating faults, assisting the three-layer BMS structure, ensuring system security layer by layer, and improving operation and maintenance efficiency.
Precise location of insulation failure
The power supply gap is as huge as an abyss; lithium battery technology is becoming more and more mature; transportation, communications, finance, data centers and other important industries urgently need safe and reliable lithium battery products, which have brought opportunities for the development of the lithium battery industry. Kehua S³ will live up to expectations and fully guarantee the safety of lithium battery applications.
Thanks to the global trend of energy conservation and emission reduction and the vigorous implementation of China's dual carbon goals, the demand for lithium batteries in the Chinese market ranks first in the world. Dare to be the first to overcome difficulties, Kehua, as a first-class smart power leader in the industry, drives industrial development with innovation and leads the world with Chinese power.